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KS Company Dubai hire a security guard, you must first announce that here is a vacant job position. This way, interested candidates will be aware. The more weight you throw behind this publicity, the brighter your chances of hiring a competent security guard (that would discharge his or her duties professionally and ethically) – as you would have a large pool of options to choose from. So, we have really want a large number of applicants, advertise the position using both offline and online methods.

Security Guard Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Security Guard, or Security Officer, is responsible for protecting a person, organization or asset in the case of an incident. Their duties include monitoring a specific area, evicting trespassers and writing reports detailing any occurrences during their shift.

Security Guard duties and responsibilities:

The overall duty of a Security Guard is to protect a company’s property, employees and visitors. Here are some of their typical daily responsibilities that you can include in a job description:

  1. Patrolling and monitoring activities on the company’s premises regularly to discourage criminals and ensure the environment is safe and secure
  2. Evicting trespassers and violators and detaining perpetrators while following legal protocols before relevant authorities arrive to take over
  3. Controlling the entrance and departure of employees, visitors and vehicles according to protocols
  4. Monitoring surveillance cameras to watch out for any disruptions or unlawful activities
  5. Providing detailed reports on daily activities and any incidents that may have occurred to management
  6. Testing security systems and, if needed, operating X-ray machines and metal detectors
  7. Using provided communication devices such as two-way radios in a clear and concise manner
  8. Performing CPR or first aid when needed.
     Security Guard education and training requirements Unlike many other professional roles, the right candidate for a Security Guard position doesn’t need to have a degree. Most employers will consider applicants with a high school diploma or GED certificate. Companies typically give priority to candidates with a certification, a Security Guard license or security training. Candidates should also be trained in first aid and self-defense. For higher-level roles, employers may look for candidates with a four-year degree in criminal justice or a related field. Security Guard experience requirements Candidates applying for a Security Guard role should have at least a year of work experience. Employers may prefer applicants who have worked in the police force or the army or those who have previous experience as a Security Guard, Security Officer or another similar role. Candidates should also have demonstrable experience working with security systems, be proficient in Microsoft Office and know how to write report

What are the daily duties of a Security Guard?

Security Guards may have a variety of responsibilities throughout the day. Those duties can differ substantially depending on the specifics of their assignment. For a Security Guard assigned to a business, like a jewelry store, they’ll likely spend the majority of their shift patrolling the perimeter of the store, checking in with the employees as needed and surveilling suspicious visitors. Security Guards working a large event like a concert or party will likely perform extensive patrolling, remove any belligerent attendees from the event and ensure they report any incidents to the event producers. 

Who does a Security Guard report to?

Who a Security Guard reports to often depends on the specifics of their employment. Security Guards who are internal employees for a company will usually report directly to a designated internal manager. Security Guards who are freelancers for single events or activities will usually report to the organizer of the event. Security Guards who are contracted out from a security company will report to both a designated employee with the contracting company and a designated manager with their hiring company.


Minimum Height 5 foot 6 inch

Nationality – Asian (Male)

Salary 1750AED Without SIRA Holder

2250AED With SIRA Holder

Duty time 12hrs for 26days

Other benefits as per UAE Law

Job Category: Security Guard
Job Type: Full Time Part Time
Job Location: Dubai

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