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We need Kitchen Helpers for Restaurants in this candidates have a good experience, the candidate is in the UAE or outside both by applying. Candidates should on visit / Cancelled visa holders can be apply.

Kitchen Helper Job Description: Top Duties and Requirements


A Kitchen Helper, or Kitchen Assistant, is someone that works in a kitchen assisting the culinary team and Waitstaff to deliver excellent customer service to restaurant patrons. Their primary duties include washing dishes, preparing meal ingredients, and maintaining the kitchen.


Kitchen Helper duties and responsibilities

Kitchen Helpers primarily help with a variety of tasks, depending on what the Cooks or Waitstaff need at the time. Some of their main duties and responsibilities include:

  • Mopping and sweeping the kitchen
  • Taking out the garbage and replacing garbage bags
  • Washing, drying, and putting away all dishes and kitchen utensils
  • Unloading food supplies from delivery trucks
  • Helping cooks prepare for meals by washing, cutting, peeling, and slicing ingredients
  • Packing takeout orders for customers
  • Clearing and cleaning tables for Waitstaff when necessary
  • Refilling condiments or other supplies at tables.
  • Kitchen Helper skills and qualifications

    A Kitchen Helper is an entry-level position, but strong candidates should still hold certain skills and qualifications. A successful Kitchen Helper will have the following prerequisite skills and qualifications to perform their duties: 

    • Able to multi-task efficiently
    • Strong communication skills
    • Excellent organizational skills
    • Knowledge of food safety standards and practices
    • Ability to use common kitchen equipment and appliances safely
    • Able to work in a fast-paced environment

    Kitchen Helper experience requirements

    The Kitchen Helper role is an entry-level position, so candidates are not required to have prior experience. This is because every kitchen is different, so many provide on-the-job training. However, if you own a high-end restaurant, you may require candidates to have experience of working in high-end restaurants to show an understanding of the position and their duties. Volunteer experience in a kitchen is a valuable experience to Kitchen Helper candidates to have. 

    Kitchen Helper education and training requirements

    Education and training requirements for Kitchen Helpers will vary depending on your kitchen’s needs. You can require candidates to have a high school diploma or GED, or accept candidates that are still in high school or do not have a diploma. 

    Ideally, you should require your candidates to have a Food Handler Certificate. The online course and certification give workers the necessary food and safety training to work with and around food safely. Even if you don’t require a Food Handler Certificate, having one can make the candidate more appealing, as they won’t require as much on-the-job training.


    Kitchen Helper salary expectations

    The average salary for a Kitchen Helper in UAE is AED1000/- to AED1300/- per year. The actual salary earned will vary based on the establishment, experience.

How to Apply


1.) For inside UAE candidates come to office directly for interview. {Interview time Mon – Sat (11AM – 03PM)

2.) For outside UAE candidates will have to book an appointment.


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