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We need a Storekeeper’s, in this candidates have a good experience and is good to look at, and his nationality only Asian. And the candidate is in the UAE or outside both by applying. Only visit / Cancelled visa holder can be apply.

A storekeeper is a retail professional who manages inventory, cleanliness and customer service. They have great communication and conflict resolution abilities. If you want to become a storekeeper, it’s helpful to learn more about the career, including what salary and duties you can expect. In this article, we explain the role and responsibilities of a storekeeper, how to enter this career and other information about the job.

What does a storekeeper do?

To understand what does a storekeeper do, this retail professional owns or manages a store. They can design the plans for merchandise, develop branding, maintain inventory, work with vendors and create the store’s atmosphere. The storekeeper is very influential in the store’s success. These are some typical responsibilities of storekeepers:

  • Organise store promotional campaigns: Promotional campaigns can include social media posts and physical ads or marketing that showcase the store’s materials and merchandise. It’s important for storekeepers to organise promotional material because it can attract more customers and increase store revenue.

  • Train new employees: The storekeeper can manage the hiring process, from finding potential candidates to interviewing and onboarding. Training can include teaching them to use important equipment and organise the merchandise in the store.

  • Manage a team of staff members: To manage team members, the storekeeper may employ conflict resolution, encourage staff members to improve their skills and performance, motivate the team and record various indicators of improvement and work. The storekeeper can organise team-building exercises and get to know each team member.

  • Keep the store clean: Sweeping, dusting and polishing are important for maintaining the cleanliness of the store. The storekeeper may develop a clearing schedule for team members and encourage disinfecting practices to keep customers healthy and safe.

  • Organise merchandise: When new shipments of goods come in, the storekeeper can delegate or lead unpacking and organising the materials. They may move boxes to the correct aisles, store some items in the back or help to arrange items on the shelves.

  • Log inventory and restock as needed: To maintain inventory, the storekeeper can use a virtual method or paper and pen. They may take inventory once or several times per day to better understand how much merchandise to order from vendors and suppliers.

  • Handle customer complaints: Storekeepers are excellent with customer service and can lead by example for their team. They address customer complaints and strive to keep clients by providing excellent customer service and support.

  • Important skills for storekeepers

    Storekeepers are leaders and managers, but they’re also knowledgeable about marketing and store organisation. They use many skills to lead the retail team and maintain important aspects of the shop. These are some skills a storekeeper may use during their job:

    Customer service

    Storekeepers need customer service skills to interact with their customers effectively. They’re often responsible for answering customers’ questions and directing them to different parts of the store. They may also handle customer complaints, making customer service skills essential. They can use these skills to handle conflicts with customers professionally.

  • Average storekeeper salary

    How much a storekeeper earns can depend on their experience, skills, performance, stake in the store and location. The average base salary for a storekeeper is AED2450/- to AED2950/- per month, Many storekeepers also own or have a stake in the store, and this can increase their earnings. A storekeeper can also increase their salary by improving their performance and increasing the store’s profits.

How to become a storekeeper

If you’re a natural leader and you’re passionate about retail and management, you may be successful as a storekeeper. Each person may follow a different path to becoming a storekeeper, and your situation and experience can influence your professional choices. You can follow these general steps to become a storekeeper:

1. Determine if it’s the right career for you

The first step to becoming a storekeeper is determining if it’s the right career for you. Consider pursuing retail internships or entry-level positions to better understand if you like the atmosphere. Assess your traits and skills and evaluate if they align with those of successful storekeepers. If you’re a natural leader, passionate about organisation and excellent with customer service, you may be successful as a storekeeper.

2. Complete your education and certifications

As for completing your education, storekeepers typically need at least a secondary school education. If you want to advance your education, you can pursue a degree in business or a related field. These programmes can help you learn skills and knowledge that you can apply to managing a store. Consider pursuing relevant certification to help separate you from other candidates.

3. Gain professional retail experience

After earning a degree, completing courses or pursuing certifications, you can gain the experience necessary to build your skills for storekeeping. Consider pursuing entry-level positions as a store clerk to become more familiar with retail processes and operations. Communicate with leaders in your workplace about your aspirations and demonstrate a willingness to improve and exceed expectations.

4. Develop your leadership skills

While working in an entry-level position, you can improve your leadership abilities. Leadership is important for being a successful storekeeper, as you provide guidance and direction to the clerks and other members of the staff. Some leadership skills include communication, conflict resolution and integrity. To improve your communication, consider joining a club or becoming the leader of a local sports team.

5. Apply for storekeeper positions

To apply for storekeeper positions, you can prepare your application materials and prepare for interviews. When creating your CV and cover letter, customise them for each position you apply to and use a cohesive design for both. Thoroughly edit and proofread your materials before submitting them to identify and remedy any grammatical or spelling errors. You can find storekeeper interview questions online and practice answering them with a friend or colleague to prepare for interviews.


Management skills allow storekeepers to record stock, maintain inventory, organise the store, start and lead projects, develop marketing strategies and encourage team members to improve. A storekeeper needs management skills because it allows them to act as leaders and perform many functions at once. Though the storekeeper often engages in many retail activities, they’re also skilled at delegating to their most capable employees.


Organisation is the ability to work systematically and efficiently to perform tasks and complete projects. Organisational skills help storekeepers to manage their time, delegate and handle their workload and complete project and tasks before their deadlines. It can allow them to multi-task and create a more efficient workplace for their team. Some organisational skills include discipline, motivation, tidiness, planning and delegation.


Storekeepers are retail professionals, and they use their professionalism to properly represent their organisation. A storekeeper can use professionalism during customer interactions to ensure the experience encourages them to come back. They behave as role models for the rest of the team and use their professionalism to heighten the reputation of the store.

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